What We Mean By "Handmade"

Handmade means trial and error. It means snacking, watching T.V., asking Amy what she thinks about my sketches, and finalizing an idea.

Our cards are handwritten, cut, glued, and crafted with love on our dining room table. Our pins are hand cut, baked in the kitchen, and glazed at home, usually in the living room, usually with Grey’s Anatomy playing in the background. All our shirts and totes are printed in the garage, our CripFemmeCrafts headquarter, on Marge (our heat press). Thank you for empowering us to do what we love. xo

Image description: Shayda's hand holds a scissor. She is cutting a large, red heart that reads "Honor Femme Labor." In the background there are pieces of heart cut-outs scattered on the table.