What Does Crip Mean?

CripFemmeCrafts is a name that came from the communities that Amy and I are a part of. Crip is short for "crippled," a term that was (and is still sometimes) used as a derogatory term toward physically disabled folks. It has since been reclaimed and used as an empowering term by disability activists and community members.

Language is subjective and folks use different words to name themselves. Crip is a contemporary word and not all folks with disabilities use it. Some folks, particularly disability justice activists, identify with the word crip because it suggests that they want to discuss their disabilities as well as their other identities (including race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, sexuality, etc.). 

This is a word we use for our store because we believe in the importance of intersectionality. We have disabilities, but we are also queer women of color. <3 

For more information about the word crip, check out this link:


Image description: Amy and Shayda are facing the camera. They both have short, black hair and they are each holding a CripFemmeCrafts business card over their mouths.