The Hustle

Amy and I juggle; metaphoric juggling (I wish I knew how to do the real thing).

Amy is her mom's primary caregiver and she is currently remodeling a vintage from scratch. I teach part-time at a university and I am a writer. We take care of our fur-babies, our communities, and each other. And we make CripFemmeCrafts a reality. 

This is the hustle. The hustle is something that so many of us have to do. Sometimes we do it because we are under-employed, because capitalism is violent, because the institutions we are a part of don't honor our labor. Sometimes we do it because we love the work and because we need art in our lives. Amy and I put our love into CripFemmeCrafts for all of these reasons. 

CripFemmeCrafts and the amazing community that supports us helps us pay our medical bills and put gas in our car. Community's radical love overwhelms us and holds us up when we are exhausted, when making cards and grading essays collides. It sustains us when we have to decide what to prioritize.

We are grateful for you and we love you for how you nourish us. xo